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FOIA Electronic Reading Room - Category Four

Records Frequently Requested Under FOIA

DOT Presidential Transition Material


For questions regarding the FOIA logs (above) or correspondence logs (below), please send an email to

Logs of Incoming Correspondence from Members of Congress

Note: Personal privacy information has been redacted from the FOIA and correspondence logs (FOIA Exemption 6).

Listing of OST Small Purchase Card Holders

Purchase Card Holder Information

Show Cause Order 2017-8-4 : Supporting Data

1. 2017-8-4 Part 121 Tables for Order 07102017
2. 2017-8-4 Part 135 Tables for Order 07102017
3. 2017-8-4 Seaplane 07102017
4. 2017-8-4 Terminal Calculation 07102017

Updated: Thursday, August 17, 2017
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