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2017 DOT Civil Rights Virtual Symposium Speaker Bios - Session 6

Understanding the Rules Regarding Service Animals on Air Travel

Maegan Johnson

Maegan Johnson is a Senior Trial Attorney in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings (Enforcement Office). Maegan joined the Department in 2006 as an Honors attorney during which time she worked for the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Highway Safety Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, and the Federal Highway Administration. Maegan began working in the Enforcement Office in 2008, where she is charged with enforcing the Department’s aviation consumer protection regulations (advertising, tarmac delay, code-share disclosure, etc.) and the Department’s regulation prohibiting discrimination by air carriers

Supriya Raman, PhD.

Supriya Raman is the Acting Manager for the Disability Branch and the Multicultural Branch within the Traveler Engagement Division in the Office of Civil Rights and Liberties, Ombudsman and Traveler Engagement at the Transportation Security Administration.  In this role, she leads both branches to ensure all TSA programs and activities for the public afford equal access and opportunity for individuals from all federally protected classes. This scope includes, but not limited to, TSA’s screening activities at airports, law enforcement and custody operations, and customer service activities.   

Updated: Monday, May 15, 2017
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