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DOT Fact Sheets Highlight Grim State of U.S. Roads and Bridges

WASHINGTON – The Highway Trust Fund is set to expire on July 31. Without action from Congress, federal funding for transportation will come to a screeching halt. And with it, so will traffic in many places across the country.

Over the last six years, Congress has passed 33 short-term measures rather than funding transportation for the long term. And our transportation system --our roads and bridges, especially-- is in a dire state of disrepair because of it. The table of state-by-state road and bridge conditions, shown below, demonstrates this.

Updated: Thursday, October 13, 2016

Statement of Secretary Foxx on Senate Highway Trust Fund vote of July 29

"I applaud the Senate's strong bipartisan vote, which sends a clear message that we need action on a long-term transportation bill this year, and reaffirms that Democrats and Republicans can come together to do it. There is no reason to delay the real debate about long-term funding and badly needed policy updates until we reach another crisis point, which could be May 2015 and at the beginning of the next construction season."

DOT 73-14

Updated: Thursday, July 31, 2014
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