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Mass Transit

What is the Transit Benefit?

The Transit Benefit is an employer provided benefit designed to encourage employees to leave their personal vehicles at home and choose to use vanpools, commuter rail, commuter bus or other forms of mass transit for their home-to-work-to-home commute.

Updated: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mass Transit Flu

The guidelines serve as a non-prescriptive reference for owner-operators and a practical tool that contingency planners can use to augment and tailor their existing emergency response plans given the unique challenges a pandemic influenza presents. It is important to integrate this influenza pandemic planning with your organization’s existing business continuity and emergency response plans and/or the CIKR Pandemic Influenza Guide’s comprehensive framework for influenza pandemic catastrophic planning. This annex addresses the major challenges the Mass Transit Sub-Sector may face and should assess in its pandemic influenza planning within the seven key areas of vulnerability highlighted in blue boxes in the Guideline.

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