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Workforce Information

Demographics are particularly useful to managers in the workforce planning process.  This data is also used by Congressional staffers and others who have an interest in the size and makeup of the federal workforce, and by public and private organizations and individuals interested in the...

Rural Speed Safety Pilot Project



Current crash prediction methods, such as those in the first edition of the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) use traffic volume data along with geometric characteristics to predict the annual average crash frequency of roadway segments and intersections. One limitation...

FAQ - Waze Data

What kind of data does Waze provide?

The U.S. DOT receives and curates both user-reported and auto-generated data from the Waze for Cities. These data are available for approved users and they cover the entire United States. Among other things, the data show traffic incidents and jams...

U.S. DOT Artificial Intelligence Activities – Data

U.S. DOT maintains several data resources that can be of use to the AI research community. – Transportation Second Strategic Highway Research Program Naturalistic Driving StudyIntelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office Data HubData for Automated Vehicle Integration (DAVI...