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ABC Bicycle Benefit

TBS 2019-01 Active Bicycle Commuting Subsidy Policy Changes


Bicycle Benefit Program Bulletin

Bulletin:     TSB-2019-01

Date:          October 4, 2018

Subject:     Policy changes to the Active Bicycle Commuting Subsidy Programs

Purpose:    This Bulletin provides notification for the conclusion of the DOT Bicycle Benefit Program and the expansion of the ABC Subsidy Program.

Updated: Thursday, October 4, 2018

Active Bicycle Commuting Subsidy


This subsidy was created in response to the provision in the June 2015 Implementing Instructions for Executive Order (E.O.) 13693, Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade, calling for the Department of Transportation (DOT) to reconvene the Interagency Task Force on Bicycling and Active Transportation, lead the Task Force in updating the document entitled “Implementing a Successful Bicycle and Active Commuting Program in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area”, ensure such updates include expansion to metropolitan areas with major Federal offi

Updated: Friday, September 13, 2019
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