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Digital Government Strategy

Digital Governance Overview

At the Department of Transportation (DOT), we strive to deliver digital information in useful and customer friendly ways across a variety of digital channels.  Our goal is for all digital content to:

  • Clearly represent our mission and objectives
  • Incorporate stakeholder and customer feedback
  • Contribute to an efficient and useful digital presence.

As part of the Digital Government Strategy, we’re updating and formalizing the Department’s Digital Governance Structure.  We’re making these changes within the broader context of updating the Department’s entire IT Governance. 

Historically, we’ve had a decentralized approach to Web and digital management. Currently, each of our 12 Operating Administrations (OAs) is responsible for its respective digital properties. Many of our OAs have digital governance, but the implementation varies.

At the Department level, the Office of the DOT Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and the Office of Public Affairs share responsibility for DOT’s digital properties.  The OCIO is responsible for:

  • technology
  • infrastructure
  • information security
  • privacy policies

The DOT Office of Public Affairs is responsible for messaging. These two groups will provide leadership and co- chair the new DOT Digital Government Committee. The Committee membership will include representation from each of our OAs to ensure collaboration.

We are finalizing a new digital governance structure in concert with updates to our IT governance framework. These changes will maintain security and privacy with an approach that incorporates core Digital Government Strategy concepts:

  • Information-Centric
  • Shared Platform
  • Customer-Centric

We will continue to provide updates, and we will post the formal Governance documents once we formalize the structure.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 13, 2015