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RCN Eligibility Checklist

This checklist helps applicants determine their eligibility for RCN grants and what is necessary to have a successfully completed application. While this tool can support the application process it is not a replacement for the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and applicants should review the NOFO before completing the application process. If you have other questions not discussed here also review our FAQS. 
You’re interested in applying for: 

  • Community Planning Grants
    • If yes, go to Section A 
  • Capital Construction Grants
    • If yes, go to Section B
  • Regional Partnership Grants
    • If yes, go to Section C

Does your project area qualify as a disadvantaged community?
Your project…

  • Is at least 51% in an economically disadvantaged, underserved, or located in an area of persistent poverty. Please use the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool to identify geographically defined disadvantaged communities.  

  • has entered or will enter into a community benefits agreement with 

  • representatives of the community. 

  • has an anti-displacement policy, a community land trust, or a community advisory board in effect, OR

  • has demonstrated a plan for employing local residents in the area impacted by the activity or project proposed under this section. 


For a pdf version of this checklist click here: