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How to File Docket Submissions


Certain agencies in the Federal Docket Management System allow the public to file submissions for which a docket number has not been issued yet. In order to make sure that a submission is filed and processed properly "Shell Dockets" have been created for those agencies accepting these submissions. An instructional document has been posted for these shell dockets which accepts comments. Public can locate these documents by clicking on the Shell Docket number below or by using any of the Search functions on the site. Documents that are accepting submissions are listed with the "Comment" icon.

Clicking on the "Comment" icon accesses the Comment/Submission Form, where submissions and other information can be submitted to the appropriate Federal agency or department.

The Submitter Information section of the Comment/Submission Form asks the public to enter information about them as the Submitter. Any fields marked as Required must be filled out in order to submit the comment/submission through Fields marked with a blue globe sign (publicly viewable) indicate that the field will be viewable by anyone who accesses the site. The Submitter Information section of the Comment/submission Form may differ between agencies, depending on the information that the agency is collecting or requires of the submitter.

Attaching Documents

A "General Comments" field is available for users to enter their comments. Users can attach documents that they wish to have considered as part of their comment/submission using the attachment feature. Multiple attachments can be submitted. The following file types are accepted by

  • Audio/Video (AIFF, AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPG2, WAV)
  • BMP Image
  • Excel Template/Work Book (XLSB, XLSM, XLSX)
  • GIF Image 
  • JPEG Image (JPEG, JPG)
  • PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • TIFF Image (TIFF)
  • Text Document (TXT)
  • Word Document (DOCX)

In some instances, agencies may ask the public to answer a question or questions relating to the Document for which they are seeking comments/submissions. These questions appear above the "General Comments" field and include a field for the commenter to provide a response to the question.

Following agencies do accept submission which requires new Docket Number:

Department of Transportation (OST) Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for OST is DOT-OST-2007-0001

FAA Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for FAA is FAA-2007-0001

FHWA Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for FHWA is FHWA-2007-0001

FMCSA Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for FMCSA is FMCSA-2007-0001

FRA Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for FRA is FRA-2007-0001

FTA Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for FTA is FTA-2007-0001

MARAD Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for MARAD is MARAD-2007-0001

NHTSA Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for NHTSA is NHTSA-2007-0001

PHMSA Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for PHMSA is PHMSA-2007-0001

SLSDC Shell Docket
The Shell Docket ID for SLSDC is SLSDC-2007-0001