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U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces More Than $319 Million as Repayment for Repairs to Damaged Roads and Bridges

Emergency Relief Funds Will Help States

WASHINGTON, DC - The U.S Department of Transportation will provide more than $319 million to states across the nation to cover the costs of repairing roads and bridges damaged by a variety of natural disasters, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced today.

“Restoring vital transportation links requires immediate attention so people can get back to their daily routines and activities,” said Secretary LaHood. "We stand ready to provide the financial backing so states can make repairs quickly and without hesitation.”

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will provide a total of $319,710,818 from its emergency relief program to 28 states, Puerto Rico and American Samoa to reimburse them for damages caused by storms, flooding, hurricanes and other natural events.

“Restoring roads and bridges is critical after a natural disaster or catastrophic event," said FHWA Administrator Mendez. "We want states to know that we will reimburse them for work that is necessary to get roads and bridges back in service again after an emergency.”

Among states receiving funding, Tennessee will receive $39 million for storms and flooding, North Dakota will receive $33.5 million for flooding in the Devil's Lake region and Rhode Island will receive $26 million for flooding.

The money will reimburse states for fixing or replacing highways, bridges and other roadway structures such as traffic signs, guardrails and lighting. Costs associated with detours, debris removal and other immediate measures necessary to restore traffic flow in impacted areas are also eligible.

The FHWA’s emergency relief program reimburses states for the repair or reconstruction of federal-aid highways that were damaged in disasters and catastrophic failures.

FY 2011 Emergency Relief Funding

FY 2011 Emergency Relief Funding
StateEventAllocationAllocation Subtotal By State
AlabamaDecember 2009 Heavy Rains and Flooding8,763,2438,763,243
Alaska October 2009 Flooding1,217,9471,217,947
American SamoaSeptember 29, 2009 Tsunami9,000,0009,000,000
ArizonaJanuary 2010 Winter Storm20,000,000 
 June - July 2010 Schultz Fire9,200,00029,200,000
ArkansasOctober , 2009 Storms and Flooding9,192,4379,192,437
ColoradoMarch  2010 Glenwood Canyon
ConnecticutSpring 2010 Flooding3,268,8923,268,892

January 2010 Sinkholes

IllinoisSeptember 2008 Storms and Flooding360,560 
 July  2010 Rainfall and Flooding3,022,6723,383,232
IowaMay 2010 Severe Storms and Flooding2,869,721 
 June 2010 Severe Storms and Flooding10,259,71913,129,440
KentuckyMay 2010 Flooding1,818,2151,818,215
Massachusetts March - April 2010 Flooding8,600,0008,600,000
MinnesotaMarch - April 2010 Flooding847,000 
 September 2010 Flooding4,000,0004,847,000
MississippiApril 2010 Severe Storms1,313,3791,313,379
MissouriJune  2010 Flooding and US 24 Bridge Damage6,913,303 
 September  2010 Flooding1,036,9637,950,266
Montana May  2010 US 87/89 Slide2,729,6102,729,610
NebraskaJune - July 2010 Flooding7,042,7077,042,707
New HampshireAugust , 2009 Route 16 Slope Failure1,017,7871,017,787
New JerseyMarch , 2010 Severe Storm1,688,4051,688,405
North Carolina October  2009 I-40 Rockslide14,950,00014,950,000
North DakotaSpring 2010 Devils Lake Basin Flooding33,500,000 
 Spring 2010 Snowmelt and Flooding7,750,000 
 Spring 2010 West James River Basin Flooding6,700,000 
 Spring 2010 Sheyenne/James River Basin Flooding2,500,00050,450,000
Puerto RicoMay , 2010 Heavy Rains2,318,368 
 July  2010 Heavy Rains3,916,0956,234,463
Rhode IslandSpring 2010 Flooding26,000,00026,000,000
South DakotaSpring 2010 Flooding10,911,352 
 May  2010 Flooding2,566,475 
 July  2010 Flooding1,773,69915,251,526
TennesseeJanuary  2010 US 64 Rockslide1,021,753 
 January  2010 Rockslide on US 441/321885,692 
 March  2010 Rockslide on US 129 (SR 115)2,995,054 
 April - May 2010 Storms and Flooding39,009,06943,911,568

September  2008 Hurricane Ike

UtahDecember  2010 Severe Storms and Flooding2,694,9532,694,953
WashingtonDecember  2005 Storm  
 November 2006 Storm8,250,000 
 December  2007 Storm2,150,000 
 January  2009 Storm11,936,000 
 October  2009 SR 410 Landslide  
 January 2010 Rainfall3,132,00025,468,000
West VirginiaMarch 2010 Flooding2,600,000 
 June 2010 Flooding2,400,0005,000,000
WyomingJune 2010 Flooding3,968,3643,968,364
Updated: Wednesday, February 11, 2015
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