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News Digest DOT 79-14

MARAD Releases Total Fuel Cycle Study for Natural Gas. The Maritime Administration (MARAD) recently released a study that evaluates total fuel cycle emissions for natural gas versus conventional marine fuels. This study was conducted as a part of MARAD’s Maritime Environmental & Technology Assistance program, which focuses efforts on emerging marine transportation and environmental issues. Results of the study showed that the use of natural gas as a propulsion fuel can reduce air quality pollutants and reduce major greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional fuels. The information provided by this study is important as marine transportation stakeholders evaluate the use of natural gas as a viable alternative propulsion fuel for reducing air polluting emissions.  The research was conducted through a cooperative partnership with the Maritime Administration, the University of Delaware and The Rochester Institute of Technology.  The study can be viewed on the MARAD website, at   Media Contact only: Kim Strong (202) 366-5807.

Secretary Foxx appoints Kathleen G. Kane, Attorney General for Pennsylvania, to serve as Chair of the Advisory Committee on Aviation Consumer Protection.  Secretary Foxx announced today that he has appointed Kathleen G. Kane, Attorney General for Pennsylvania, to serve as Chair of the Advisory Committee on Aviation Consumer Protection (ACACP) as well as to represent state and local governments on the Committee. The ACACP, which is mandated by the FAA Modernization and Reform Act, is tasked with evaluating existing aviation consumer protection programs and providing recommendations to the Secretary for improving such programs or establishing additional programs.  Under Attorney General Kane’s leadership, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection has protected thousands of consumers from unfair business practices and has prevented the citizens of Pennsylvania from losing millions of dollars.  Attorney General Kane worked in the Office of the District Attorney for Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, from 1995 to 2007.  She takes over for prior Chair Lisa Madigan, Attorney General for Illinois, whose strong and balanced leadership has been vital to the success of the Committee to date.  The Department’s most recent proposed consumer protections for air travelers address several additional airline customer service improvements recommended by the ACACP.  Contact:  Caitlin Harvey:  (202) 366-4531.

DOT 79-14

Updated: Friday, August 22, 2014
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