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News Digest DOT 66-15

BTS’ National Transportation Statistics Updated - The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) today updated National Transportation Statistics (NTS) – a web-only reference guide to national-level transportation data. NTS, updated quarterly, includes a wide range of national transportation information. NTS consists of more than 260 tables of national data on the transportation system, safety, the economy and energy and the environment, of which 35 were updated today. The next quarterly update is scheduled for October. NTS  contents are available on the BTS website.  Contact: Dave Smallen (202) 366-5568.

United States, Ukraine reach Open Skies aviation agreement.  Ukraine became the United States’ 118th Open Skies partner on Tuesday as representatives of the two countries reached agreement to liberalize air services for airlines of both countries.  Once the Agreement enters into force, airlines from the United States and Ukraine will be allowed to select routes, destinations, and prices for both passenger and cargo service based on consumer demand and market conditions.  Other important elements of a modern aviation agreement such as code-share opportunities, intermodal services, and charter rights will also become available under the Open Skies agreement.  Negotiations were concluded on July 14 in Washington, DC after several months of positive interactions between U.S. and Ukrainian officials.  Before attending the signing ceremony, Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Pyvovarskyi met with Department of Transportation officials to discuss the ongoing development of Ukraine’s transport sector.  Contact:  Caitlin Harvey:  (202) 366-4570.

Delfin LNG Applies to Construct and Operate Deepwater Port Export Facility.  The Maritime Administration (MARAD) has published a Federal Register Notice of Application (NOA) notifying the public that MARAD, through the U.S. Coast Guard, has received an application from Delfin LNG to construct, own and operate an offshore deepwater port export facility located approximately 50 miles south of the Texas/Louisiana border in the Gulf of Mexico.  The proposed facility will receive natural gas from the national grid, convert the gas into liquefied natural gas (LNG) and transfer the LNG to LNG carrier vessels for export.  The NOA serves to advise the public of the application’s availability on the Federal docket, which can be viewed at  Additional information about the comprehensive deepwater port licensing process, which includes public hearings, coordination with government partners, and a thorough review of environmental considerations, can be found on MARAD’s website.  MARAD Contact: Kim Strong (202) 366-5807.

DOT 66-15

Friday, July 17, 2015
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