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News Digest - DOT 37-15

MARAD Announces Funding Opportunity for LNG Conversion Project.  The Maritime Administration (MARAD) has announced that $900,000 in federal funding is now available to support the conversion of existing U.S. flag vessels to liquefied natural gas propulsion.  MARAD intends to use the results/data of this demonstration project to support further work related to air emissions reduction/alternative fuels research and to assess the public benefit of possible incentives to encourage adoption of emissions reduction and alternative fuels in the marine sector.  MARAD will accept proposals from U.S. ship owners, operators and/or public sponsors through May 7, 2015.  The data collected will provide information regarding air emission reductions achieved using LNG and operational lessons learned from operating the vessel on LNG.  Additional information about this request for proposal can be found at  Contact:  Kim Strong:  (202) 366-5807.

FHWA Providing Funds for Freight Movement Pilot Programs.  The Federal Highway Administration announced the availability of up to $200,000 in research funds to pilot the implementation of off-hours goods movement and delivery programs in urban areas with emerging or growing congestion problems.  The deadline to apply for the funds, which will help reduce traffic congestion for freight shipments, is June 1, 2015.  The solicitation is posted at  Contact:  Nancy Singer:  (202) 366-0660.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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