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Message from the Acting Secretary to All DOT Personnel

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Dear DOT Colleagues: 
In accordance with the Department’s established order of succession, I assumed the duties of Acting Secretary of Transportation this morning.  Our focus in the final days of the current Administration is to keep the Department under steady leadership and ensure an orderly transfer of power to the incoming team on January 20th.  While the past week in Washington has been fraught and tumultuous, it remains a distinct honor and privilege to work for the American people in this great Department, and I am deeply gratified to serve with you as part of our DOT family.  Thank you for everything you do every day to advance the important mission of DOT!
Let me take this opportunity, as well, to thank Secretary Chao for her tremendous service to the Department and the Nation.  Under her strong leadership this past four years, supported by the tireless efforts and dedication of the men and women of DOT, we have accomplished much:  We have advanced the safety of our Nation’s transportation systems, helped pave the way for the future of mobility, strengthened America’s infrastructure, and provided effective assistance in response to the COVID public health emergency.  All of us share in these accomplishments, and we wish Secretary Chao success and happiness in her future endeavors.
All the best to you and your families!
Steve Bradbury
Acting Secretary and General Counsel