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U.S. DOT Provides More Than $63 Billion to Major Transportation Infrastructure Investments Across America in 2018

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


WASHINGTON – By the end of the 2018 fiscal year (FY 2018), the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) made available more than $63.9 billion in FY 2018 multi-modal discretionary and formula transportation investments and $1.6 billion in FY 2017 discretionary funds. This marks a significant step forward in funding the Administration’s ambitious infrastructure goals.

The Department is committed to revitalizing America’s infrastructure using federal dollars as seed money to encourage additional infrastructure investment by states, localities and private sector partners.  Utilizing significantly increased levels of appropriations from Congress in the March 2018 omnibus funding bill, more investment is reaching areas and projects with the greatest impact.

Additionally, historic investment through DOT’s programs in FY 2018 has begun to address the long-awaited infrastructure needs of rural communities, streamlined project delivery, and invested in transformative projects that benefit all Americans.

The Department has released Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs) for nearly 90% of the funding from FY 2018 to solicit applications, and many have been closed or awarded. Overall, the Department has made an unprecedented infrastructure investment in America by making available more than $65.5 billion for key projects this year.

In just six months, the Department of Transportation has:

  • distributed the entire $56.2 billion in formula funds from FY 2018;
  • announced $7.8 billion in discretionary grant availability from FY 2018;
  • and awarded $5.8 billion in FY 2017 and FY 2018 discretionary grants to specific recipients. 

Major grant programs including Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA), Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD, (formerly Transportation Infrastructure Generating Economic Recovery, or TIGER)), and the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) are examples of DOT programs fulfilling these objectives.


BUILD Transportation Discretionary Grant Program

  • In April 2018, the Department published a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) allowing applicants to apply for $1.5 billion in discretionary grant funding with a due date of July 18, 2018. This triples past funding provided for this flexible grant program focused on innovative projects that have significant local or regional impact.
  • FY 2018 BUILD Transportation grants are for investments in surface transportation infrastructure and will be awarded on a competitive basis to projects with significant local or regional impact.

Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) Program

  • In June 2018, the Department announced over $1.5 billion in proposed grants through the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) discretionary grant program.  These proposed awards are from a NOFO that combined both fiscal years 2017 and 2018.
  • These proposed awards will leverage an estimated $6.1 billion in additional funds from state, local and other funding sources. Together an estimated investment of over $7.6 billion will be spent on transportation infrastructure.
  • INFRA grants will support the Administration’s commitment to fixing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure by creating opportunities for all levels of government and the private sector to fund infrastructure, using innovative approaches to improve the necessary processes for building significant projects, and increasing accountability for the projects that are built.

Airport Improvement Program (AIP)

  • The Airport Improvements Program provides funding for high-priority airport construction projects with an emphasis on maintaining and improving the safety and efficiency of the approximately 3,300 airports in the national airport system.
    • Over $3 billion has been awarded to airports throughout the country
    • On September 27, Secretary Chao announced the first installment, $205 million, of an additional $1 billion in supplemental AIP funding provided by Congress


  • In April 2018, the Department’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced approximately $264 million in project selections to improve the safety and reliability of America’s bus systems and enhance mobility for transit riders across the country. A total of 139 projects in 52 states and territories will receive funding from FTA’s Buses and Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment Program.
  • In June 2018, the FTA announced a NOFO soliciting applications under the Buses and Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment Program for $366 million. Grant awards were made on September 25, 2018. The funds assist in the financing of buses and bus facilities capital projects, including replacing, rehabilitating, purchasing or leasing buses or related equipment, and rehabilitating, purchasing, constructing or leasing bus-related facilities.

Small Starts Grant Agreements:

  • $56.2 million Laker Line BRT in Grand Rapids, MI (February 9, 2018)
  • $16.9 million East Corridor First Coast Flyer BRT in Jacksonville, FL (March 7, 2018
  • $22.5 million for SMART commuter rail extension in San Rafael, CA (April 9, 2018)
  • $43 million for Swift II BRT in Everett, WA (April 9, 2018)
  • $29.9 million for Prospect MAX BRT in Kansas City, MO (April 9, 2018)
  • $75 million for IndyGo BRT in Indianapolis, IN (May 15, 2018)
  • $75 million for Tacoma Link inTacoma, WA (May 15, 2018)
  • $75 million for Bus Rapid Transit in Albuquerque, NM (August 29, 2018)


  • The Department’s Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has issued Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs) under the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements program totaling $568 million, of which $203 million for grants to support the implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC) were awarded on August 24, 2018. There is a further $343 million available for safety and infrastructure improvements. 

Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)

  • In September 2018, PHMSA announced a total of $90 million in funding to states for pipeline safety and emergency preparedness. One highlight is the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant program, totaling $22 million. This assists State and local governments, as well as Native American tribes, in safely and efficiently handling hazardous materials accidents and incidents. In addition, these funds will provide a comprehensive approach to emergency planning and training. 

Maritime Administration (MARAD)

  • In June 2018, MARAD announced a NOFO soliciting applications under the America’s Marine Highway Grants for $5 million. Grants were awarded on August 8, 2018. These grants support projects that are part of a designated Marine Highway project and will assist with mitigating landside congestion.
  • In July 2018, MARAD awarded over $20 million in grants for Small Shipyards. These grants support capital improvements and increased efficiency. 29 shipyards received grant awards.


  • In addition to highways receiving major funding through the BUILD and INFRA programs, highway bridge projects can receive a share of a total $225 million in Competitive Highway Bridge Program (CHBP) grants, noticed on September 5, 2018