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DOT Drug Testing

This page shows Department of Transportation content pertaining to a specific tag. If you cannot find what you’re looking for on this page, please use the search box in the top right of our website.

CCF Notice (August 2021)

--- Reminder ---

The Revised Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form

must be used beginning August 30th, 2021[1]

Important Dates

We will conform to the dates HHS has...

DOT 5 Panel Notice

DOT Drug Testing: After January 1, 2018 – Still a 5-Panel

The DOT testing at HHS-certified laboratories is a 5-panel drug test regimen.  As of January 1, 2018, the ‘Opiates’ category was renamed ‘Opioids’:

Marijuana (THC)CocaineAmphetaminesOpioidsPhencyclidine (PCP)

Under ‘...