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DOT Web Publishing Schedule

Section 207(f)(2) of the E-Government Act of 2002 requires Federal agencies to develop an inventory of information to be published on their Web sites, establish a schedule for publishing information, post the schedules on the Web site, and make those schedules available for public comment.

In the table below, DOT has identified the inventory of content that already exists on the Web site and new content that is planned for the future. When new information becomes available that is of interest to the general public, DOT will offer that content on the Web site as soon as possible.

If new information becomes available at DOT that is important to the public, we are committed to putting it on our website. If you have suggestions for additional information that should be made available, please let us know.

Inventory Content

Content Area

Description/Major Topics

Publication Status

DOT Home Page

Latest News; Top Requests; DOT Highlights; Special Features

Currently available

Citizen Services

Accessibility; Aviation; Cars, Buses & Bikes; Commuters; Consumer Services; Education & Research; Grants & Loans; Highways & Bridges; Libraries; Licenses & Certifications; Merchant Marine; Recreational Boating; Regulations; Travel

Currently available

Business Services

Truckers; Business Opportunities and Vendor Information; Policies and Services; Trucker/Motor Carriers; Motor Carrier Companies; DOT Business-On-Line Transactions

Currently available

Government Services

General Information; Grant Information

Currently available

Contact Us

Contact information for DOT

Currently available

DOT Agencies

Provides links to OST offices and all operating administrations

Currently available

About DOT

General Information; Budget; Initiatives, Plans and Performance

Currently available


Press releases; Speeches

Currently available


Links to the National Transportation Library's Frequently Asked Questions website

Currently available


Cross Cutting; Air; Land; Sea

Currently available

Dockets & Regulations

Links to popular sites relating to DOT regulations

Currently available

Careers in Motion

Links to DOT's careers website

Currently available

Freedom of Information Act

FOIA and Privacy Act Request Guidelines; FOIA Annual Reports

Currently available

Privacy Policy

Description of privacy practices; Privacy Act Notices; Privacy Impact Assessments; Privacy Officer contact information; how to request Privacy Act information

Currently available

DOT Agency Web Publishing Schedules

The links below will take you to the Web Publishing Schedules for the DOT Agencies, which describe the current and planned content for the Agencies' main web sites.

Updated: Thursday, February 19, 2015
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