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Chronology of DOT Actions on Safe Transportation of Flammable Liquids by Rail


Chronology of DOT, PHMSA, and FRA Actions on Safe Transportation of Flammable Liquids by Rail
September 2012PHMSA Admin visits N. Dakota rail facilities
October 2012PHMSA forms Bakken hazmat inspection group
December 2012FRA addresses increased Bakken rail traffic
FRA conducts hazmat inspection in Bakken area
FRA facilitates hazmat training for key players
FRA conducts highway-railway safety outreach
July 18, 2013FRA, PHMSA announce public hazmat safety meeting
July 29, 2013FRA informs API of oil sampling standards
August 2, 2013FRA issues emergency order on locomotive safety
FRA, PHMSA issue hazmat safety advisory
August 29, 2013RSAC holds emergency safety session
RSAC convenes regulatory issues groups
FRA, PHMSA announce major oil safety operation
September 6, 2013PHSMA seeks public input on hazmat regulations
October 1, 2013FRA Admin writes rail industry for safety clarifications
November 20, 2013PHMSA, FRA issue material transport safety advisory
January 2, 2014PHMSA issues Bakken oil shipping safety alert
January 16, 2014Sec. Foxx issues “Call to Action” to Industry
January 22, 2014DOT announces Industry commitments to safety
February 4, 2014PHMSA announces Bakken safety operation results
February 10, 2014PHMSA meets with Bakken emergency response stakeholders
February 12, 2014ASLRRA takes steps in response to Sec. Foxx’s “Call to Action”
February 25, 2014Sec. Foxx sends AAR railway safety recommendations
March 6, 2014DOT issues stricter crude oil testing standards
April 1, 2014DOT issues amended crude oil testing standards
RSAC adopts oil safety groups’ recommendations
May 1, 2014RSAC approves four hazmat recommendations
May 7, 2014DOT sends tank-car proposal to White House
DOT issues emergency Bakken crude order
May 13, 2014FRA, PHMSA issue Bakken crude shipping advisory
Sec. Foxx writes governors, mayors about emergency order
July 23, 2014DOT releases safe transport improvement proposal
February 5, 2015DOT submits safe transport Final Rule draft
April 17, 2015FRA issues emergency transport safety order
PHMSA issues hazmat emergency response requirements
FRA, PHMSA issue combustible transport safety advisory
FRA issues Class 3 transport safety advisory
FRA sends transport safety letter to AAR
FRA issues notice seeking additional Form data


Last updated: Thursday, April 30, 2015