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Version 2.0 Progress Tracker

Version 2.0 Progress Tracker



Open Government 2012 Flagship Initiative

DOT launched at the first Safety Datapalooza during National Transportation Week in May 2012. See this blog post.

The Safety Data Initiative held the second Safety Datapalooza in September 2012. The talks from this datapalooza are available on

Many of the partner agencies included in the Safety Data Initiative aligned their digital government strategies to increase the openness of their safety data, including DOT and DOJ.

DOT has already met its digital government milestones to release new APIs for railroad safety and vehicle safety data.

Better transportation information through increased and improved disclosure of regulatory compliance and other safety related data

DOT continues to make progress on PHMSA Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance Data Interoperability.

In improving access to our Regulatory Compliance Data, we released the SaferBus API and the NHTSA vehicle safety  API includes information on recalls as well as civil penalties. The FRA has released an API for its Annual Enforcement Report.

As noted under the Flagship commitment, DOT launched in May 2012. now includes over 800 datasets from 10 Cabinet agencies and six independent agencies.

Expand data visualizations and visualization tools available to the public

DOT has not yet launched visualDOT, and the project is approximately one year behind.

New usage of Web 2.0 tools to effectively market and improve public awareness of DOT programs, information and opportunities

DOT is working to increase awareness of the TIGER program through updates to its Web site. We have not yet posted aggregated award data across rounds, but we have enhanced findability and utility of the applicant resources at through our Web site redesign

DOT is leveraging new social media tools in innovative ways. While we have not launched accounts on tumblr or pinterest yet, our full social media directory is available at

Leverage the Web, new methods and new tools to improve meaningful public and stakeholder involvement the development and implementation of policies and rulemakings and to improve the quality of DOT’s decisions and customer service.

A DOT stakeholder conducted an open transit data survey and is evaluating how best to make results available.

The results of the Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative online dialogue are available at the FTA web site, including the dialogue itself.

The DOT project to improve rulemaking commenting capabilities was subject to availability of funding. Unfortunately, funding was not identified and this project is cancelled.

The Digital Transportation Exchange project is being re-evaluated.

Institutionalize engagement principles at all levels within DOT, equipping DOT employees with the tools and policies necessary to be more transparent, participatory and collaborative in their daily work, as appropriate.

DOT has taken steps to strengthen the role of public engagement. In conjunction with the signing of a new authorization bill for the Department, we have conducted several webinars, online dialogues, and public listening sessions related to the new provisions of the law.

The IdeaHub program is a continuing success and is a key part of our program to improve DOT. Secretary LaHood blogged about DOT's efforts in December 2012 and discussed how IdeaHub was integral to DOT's improvement in the Employee Viewpoint Survey.

DOT has launched its carpooling applicatiion for its employees in the summer of 2012.

Updated: Tuesday, March 10, 2015
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