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Digital Government Strategy

Making Existing High-Value Data and Content Available through Web APIs

We are modernizing existing systems to leverage web APIs by establishing standards in our EA and evaluating all new systems and substantial modernization efforts against the future architecture. Our future architecture contains the following characteristics:

  • Establish common data based on authoritative data sources that is interoperable across the enterprise
  • Provide the capability for program managers to discover authoritative data sources for common data
  • Drive DOT to create systems that are interoperable and ready to share data.
    • Data and technology standards should foster open access to and ready consumption of DOT mission services for the benefit of its customers.
    • Data and information exchange will be based on open standards.
    • Information sharing and protection policies will be established and referenced in information sharing agreements.
  • Consist of well documented interfaces built on non-proprietary open platforms using platform independent protocols such as XML.

Milestone 2.1 - Identify at least two existing major customer-facing services that contain high-value data or content as first-move candidates to make compliant with new open data, content, and web

  • Recall and Complaint Data
    • The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration made vehicle safety data available in API format. Specifically, we created an API with safety-related complaints about motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment, including vehicle make, model and year. We also created an API with recall data for vehicle products that have safety-related defects or do not comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards.
    • External and Internal Customers: Citizens, safety stakeholders, industry
    • UII: 021-777552743--NHTSA020: Artemis
  • Federal Railroad Administration 10 Year Accident Reports
    • The 10-Year Accident/Incident Report, one of the most requested reports on the Federal Railroad Administration’s website, provides historical statistics on rail-related train accidents, injuries and fatalities, highway-rail crossing collisions and operational information.  We created APIs to render all this information in a user-interactive dashboard program.
    • External and Internal Customers: Railway stakeholders, inspectors, citizens
    • UII: 021-961146316--FRAXX013: Railroad Network System
Last updated: Tuesday, January 13, 2015