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News Digest - DOT 84-17

BTS Releases National Census of Ferry Operators Highlights - The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) today released the  2016 Highlights of Ferry Operations in the United States. Key findings from the 163 ferry operators that responded to the 2016 National Census of Ferry Operators (NCFO) indicated that 118.7 million passengers were carried on ferries in the U.S. and its territories in 2015. The reporting ferry operators provided service through 560 terminals on 880 unique route segments in 39 states, 2 U.S. territories, and 2 non-U.S. locations, using a fleet of almost 609 active vessels. Comprehensive results and visuals from the 2016 census, as well as data from previous censuses, can be found on the NCFO home page. The NCFO is a biennial census of all known ferry boat operations within the U.S. and its territories. Ferry operations included within the scope of the NCFO are those providing itinerant, fixed route, and common carrier passenger and/or vehicle ferry service. Media Contact: Dave Smallen (202) 366-5568.

NTL Launches New Public Access Repository ROSA P - The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Transportation Library (NTL) in the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has launched ROSA P (Repository and Open Science Access Portal), a new public repository for NTL’s collection of over 30,000 items. Members of the transportation community and the general public can use ROSA P for all the open data and publications NTL acquires, manages and preserves for their benefit. ROSA P offers NTL users a better, more useful and more reliable experience. First, ROSA P features improved search and discovery by using revised metadata. Second, ROSA P offers the promise of reliable, long-term access to this content, as it is built on the Stacks open source platform developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Third, NTL is assigning persistent, unique Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) to each object in the repository to ensure that each item in the repository will always have a distinct and unchanging means of finding it. Media contact: Dave Smallen, (202) 366-5568,

Updated: Monday, January 29, 2018
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