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Posted by FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez

More than 1,000 transit agencies across the country are helping people get access to COVID-19 vaccines, answering President Biden’s call to get as many U.S. adults vaccinated as soon as possible.

To our transit partners, I would like to say, thank you! Your commitment to the health of our communities means many more people getting shots, which is the best way to protect our health and be able to gather safely with friends and family after a challenging year.

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Posted by The Federal Highway Administration

Horatio Earle (1855–1935), or “Good Roads” Earle, as he was often referred to, was born in Mt. Holly, VT.

His early professional career included selling farm equipment. In 1889, he and his family moved to Detroit, where he started continued selling and also developing agricultural tools.

Earle was also a renowned bicycle enthusiast, who later in life, said “I often hear now-a-days, the automobile instigated good roads; that the automobile is the parent of good roads. Well, the truth is, the bicycle is the father of the good roads movement in this country.”

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Posted by The U.S. Department of Transportation

Earlier this month, Memphis’ Hernando de Soto Bridge shut down after a large crack was spotted on a critical beam on the bridge. The sudden closure has affected the over 10,000 people who rely on the bridge every day, including many of the truck drivers that work in one of the nation’s most important regions for shipping and logistics.

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Posted by The U.S. Department of Transportation

Last month, Secretary Pete touched down in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Getting America Back on Track tour. During his visit to the transportation hub, the Secretary recapped the successes of the American Rescue Plan and its role in funding transportation systems through the pandemic. He also addressed how the American Jobs Plan will revitalize Atlanta’s metropolitan area through its investments in jobs and modern infrastructure.

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Posted by The U.S. Department of Transportation

Last Thursday, Secretary Pete traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as part of the Getting America Back on Track tour. During his trip through the “City of Bridges,” the Secretary talked about the way the American Rescue Plan had helped get Pittsburgh back on track and how the American Jobs Plan will help modernize the region’s infrastructure and create good-paying jobs.

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Posted by Office of Public Affairs

Since 1985, Americans have celebrated Public Service Recognition Week on the first week of May to recognize government employees at every level. However, the pandemic presented an especially significant challenge to our nation’s federal, state, county, local, and tribal government employees over this last year.

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Posted by Office of Public Affairs

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has been working hard since day one of the Biden-Harris Administration to “Build Back Better.” Within the first 100 days, we’ve broken barriers, set new priorities to create a sustainable and equitable future, funded infrastructure projects across the transportation system, supported American jobs, and remained competitive in the global economy.

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Posted by Federal Highway Administration

Each year, hundreds of highway workers travel to job sites to repair and improve our nation’s streets, bridges, and highways, but never make it home. Their deaths are not only unacceptable. They’re preventable.
By following these tips when you’re in a construction area, YOU can save a life:
Slow Down
Posted speed limits are there for a reason. With workers on the road, you need to give yourself the ability to stop in time. Drive responsibly and be a conscientious road user.

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This week, the Department’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced the availability of approximately $10 million through its Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning. This funding will help connect communities, improve access to public transportation and affordable housing, and support President Biden’s call to combat climate change, advance environmental justice, and promote equitable delivery of benefits to underserved communities.

What is the pilot program?...

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Posted by By Deputy Administrator Nuria Fernandez

FTA’s Low or No Emission (Low-No) Program is changing the makeup of transit fleets nationwide and helping reduce the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.

The Low-No program, launched in 2016, supports cleaner and more energy efficient technologies to power transit buses. In February, FTA announced a new round of funding making $180 million available for transit...

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