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Request for Nominations for the Working Group on Covered Resources to the Federal Highway Administration

Notice to solicit members for the Working Group on Covered Resources.

The FHWA announces a request for nominations to the Working Group on Covered Resources (Working Group). The Working Group members will be appointed for a term of 2 years. The Working Group will conduct a study on access to covered resources for infrastructure projects. In carrying out the study, the Working Group shall analyze the use of covered resources in transportation projects funded with Federal dollars; how the proximity of covered resources to such projects affects the cost and environmental impact of those projects; whether and how State, Tribal, and local transportation and planning agencies consider covered resources when developing transportation projects; and any challenges for transportation project sponsors regarding access and proximity to covered resources. The Working Group shall submit to the Secretary of Transportation the findings of its study and any recommendations to preserve access to and reduce the costs and environmental impacts of covered resources in infrastructure projects.

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