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DOT Relaunches Airline Consumer Website

DOT Relaunches Airline Consumer Website

With Thanksgiving only a week away, Americans are in the midst of one of the busiest travel weeks of the year.  As millions of passengers take to the skies, DOT is here to help make their trips as smooth as possible.

Today, DOT rolled out the first phase of an effort to redesign its airline consumer website to better help air travelers understand their rights.  The improved design and streamlined pages will help consumers access needed information before, during, and after their flights now that the busy holiday travel season has kicked off. 

On our redesigned site, air travelers should be able to easily access information about their rights.

The website highlights the issues of greatest concern to consumers:

DOT believes that an essential part of protecting air travelers is ensuring that they know what their rights are.  The pages launched today are just the first step in the Department’s plan to redesign and simplify the aviation consumer information available on its website. 

Watch this short video about navigating the new site:

Over the coming months, the Department plans to revise other pages of interest to aviation consumers.  The Department will also enhance the search and navigation tools to improve usability, so stay tuned!

We wish you safe travels this holiday season.


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