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Electric Mobility Planning Resources: Vehicle Comparisons

Vehicle Cost Calculator

DOE Calculator/Software

Web tool that uses basic information about driving habits to calculate total cost of ownership and emissions for different vehicle makes and models. Inputs include estimates of normal daily use, additional mileage for other trips, and State to determine electricity price.


EVolution: E-Drive Vehicle Education

Argonne National Laboratory – Calculator/Software

Web app that allows users to compare the expected fuel usage and costs of specific EVs and conventional gasoline vehicles based on zip code. Generates location-based estimates of gas and electricity prices, daily mileage and travel time, and other travel factors that users can further customize and provides nearby options for public charging. Reports and compares the fuel efficiency, fuel costs, costs of ownership, and GHG emissions of the selected vehicles based on the vehicle operating assumptions.


EV Explorer

University of California, Davis Calculator/Software

Online map and calculator that lets users compare annual energy costs for up to four vehicles, including gasoline and electric vehicles. Users input a single origin and destination and can change commute frequency, update fuel costs, and specify access to EV chargers.

Link: Trip Calculator

EPA and DOE – Calculator/Software

Includes a tool to find and compare cars as well as a trip calculator. Users can compare fuel costs, GHG emissions, and efficiency across EV and conventional vehicle models, and use the trip calculator to estimate fuel costs for individual trips between an origin and destination.


Electric Mobility Cost Calculators

Eco Cost Savings – Calculator/Software

Calculator estimating cost per charge, per mile, per month, and per year for e-scooters, e-bikes, and EVs.


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