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Electric Mobility Infrastructure Project Planning Checklist

This section walks through a general checklist for electric mobility project planning. The figure below provides an overview of the checklist, with the following subsections discussing each checklist item in more detail. Most of these checklist items apply to site-level planners, such as charging site hosts or other entities tasked with identifying a project’s size, cost, and plan for execution. However, some points—such as site selection and electric grid planning—are also relevant to community or corridor planners, especially since high-level planning may affect the set of candidate charging sites.

Also, as noted in the Guiding Principles for Planning and Implementation, the planning checklist is not necessarily a series of sequential steps. Instead, site-level planners may need to think about multiple issues simultaneously and possibly revisit individual checklist items throughout the planning process.

This figure summarizes a project planning checklist with subtasks listed under four categories: project development and scoping, utility planning, installation planning, and operational planning. Arrows to and from the checklist sections indicate that planning is an iterative process where prior steps may need to be revisited and refined
View a 508-compliant version of this checklist. 


Project Development and Scoping

Utility Planning

Installation Planning

Operational Planning