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MARAD’s Ready Reserve Force Supports in Times of Crisis

MARAD’s Ready Reserve Force Supports in Times of Crisis

The Maritime Administration’s Ready Reserve Force (RRF) provides government-owned shipping capability to meet Department of Defense strategic sealift requirements, and it assists in times of domestic or international emergencies.  Initiated in 1976 to support the rapid worldwide deployment of U.S. military forces, the RRF primarily supports transport of Army and Marine Corps combat support equipment and initial resupply during critical surge periods before commercial ships can be marshaled.  Besides carrying nearly 25% of the initial equipment needed to support the U.S. Armed Forces operations in Iraq, the RRF has also been called upon to provide humanitarian assistance in national emergencies including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Superstorm Sandy, and the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti.  

Currently, the RRF is aiding with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma recovery efforts by transporting emergency supplies, providing safe storage of emergency equipment, and housing first responders aboard the vessels.

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The RRF consists of 46 vessels; the force has been activated 120 times

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