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Step-by-Step Transit Benefit Application Guide

Follow the instructions below to apply for the Transit Benefit Program!

1. Log in:

2. Select:

  • Transit Benefit Application button or Transit Application tab, then
  • Certify/Enroll

3. Choose "Continue"

4. Read the "Warning!" certification screen and then select "I Agree" to continue

5. Select from each of the following drop-down menus:

  • Reason for Certification: Annual Certification/Recertification
  • You must check the box for "I have completed the required Transit Benefit Integrity training for my Agency"
  • Employment Type: Permanent or Seasonal only
  • Work Status: Full Time or Part Time

6. Select all applicable transportation modes/methods to be included in your Transit benefits applications

  • Bus; Other Bus, Rail, Other Method, and/or Vanpool

7. Each method selected, will populate two additional fields to be completed:

  • Method to Work and Method from Work: 
  • Name of Company: Enter the name of the transit company, for example- MARTA
  • Station Name: Enter the name of the station or stop for to/from work, unless using a vanpool, then enter the address
  • Daily Expense: Enter the daily cost to commute on that mode of transportation
  • Days per Month: Enter the number of days per month you’ll be using this
  • Monthly Expense: This field will automatically calculate based off the information entered in the previous three fields

Note: If you purchase a monthly pass, you may need to adjust the Daily Expense Amount and Days per month to calculate correctly

If you have Mailing/Shipping Costs: Use "Other Method" to add your mailing/shipping costs, For example: If your shipping cost is $1.00 per month

  • Other Method to Work & Other Method from Work: Enter "Mailing/Shipping Cost"
  • Name of Company: Enter name of the transit company
  • Daily Expense: Enter $.50 cents
  • Days per Month: Enter 1 day
  • Monthly Expense: Will auto-calculate

Participant Information Section

  1. Profile will be created during registration

Agency Information Section

  1. Using the drop-down menus, please provide additional agency specific information  

Work Information Section

  • Complete: Address, City, State, and Zip
  • Please provide suite number on second line if applicable

Residence Information Section

  • Complete: Address, City, State, and Zip
  • Please provide apartment or suite number on second line if applicable

Approver Information Section

  • First Approver: Search and select. Example, supervisor
  • Second Approver: Search and select. Example, Local Coordinator, Regional Coordinator, Point of Contact
  • Manager Phone: Enter your direct supervisor's phone number

SmartTrip Card Number:

SmartTrip cards are limited to WMATA commuters in the NCR (Washington, DC-Virginia-Maryland)

  • If you DO NOT commute on WMATA in these areas, Enter: "NA"
  • If you DO commute on WMATA in these areas, Enter: SmartTrip Card number without dashes or spaces

See the example below, then insert the numbers on the application in the same format that follow;

  • Example: GD1137 0167 0693 4564 7992 9601 = 01670693456479929601

Note: If you do not already have a SmartTrip card, purchase one first to provide the number on this application and help speed up the process

Comment for Agency Approvers:

Enter any comments/details that are applicable to your application, for example; "I telework and only need transit benefits 4 days per month"

Last updated: Monday, January 24, 2022