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Social Security Administration

Training is a Prerequisite

SSA Requires Integrity and Awareness Training for both Applicants & Approvers, SSALMS VOD

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  1. Click the SSALMS single sign-on link:
  2. TypeTRANServe” in the advanced search box in the top left hand side of the screen
  3. Select the TRANServe Applicant and Approver Integrity and Awareness Training VOD
  4. Follow the instructions for saving and/or printing the certificate

Application Reminders                                                           

  • Review the SSA Transit Subsidy Program policy for eligibility, requirements and guidelines
  • Employment Type: SSA employees may only select permanent, temporary or detail
  • Work Status: SSA employees may only select Full-Time or Part-Time
  • ECI: SSA employees enter ECI in lieu of SSN


SSA Transit Benefit Program Application System

    SSA Resources

    • Policy
    • TRANServe Electronic Application Overview
    • When to use the TRANServe Electronic Application System vs. the SSA Paper Application Process
    • SSA and DOT TRANServe Roles and Responsibilities
    • Important Fields for SSA Applicants and Approvers to Remember
    • Instructions for obtaining your ECI Number
    • Instructions for viewing the required Integrity and Awareness Training in SSALMS
    • Applicant and Approver Annual Reminders
    • Regional Transit Coordinator List

    User Guides and Instructions

    For Applicants:

    For Approvers:

    Updated: Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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