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TRANServe proudly offers the TRANServe Credit Card

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An integral part of our collection of
Transit Benefit Program

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The TRANServe Credit Card provides TRANServe’s many Customer Agencies and our Federal workforce; with unprecedented funding flexibility and expedited benefit delivery. By partnering with GSA's SmartPay3 Program, TRANServe leverages the world’s largest government charge card and commercial payment solutions program. More than 560 Federal agencies choose the GSA SmartPay platform to support their missions.

Easier than ever before

Better than ever before


Provides Nationwide Transit Benefit Payments

(Has no impact on SmarTrip Card Holders using SmartBenefits)


Prompt Action Required: Effective June 15, 2020, US Bank is requiring Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to access US Bank’s Access Online

Here's What you need to know to:  Activate it, Register it, Use it, Replace it, Understand it 

Activate It

Click here to read the U.S. Bank TRANServe Cardholder Agreement             

Question:  How do I activate the TRANServe Credit Card?

Answer:  Activate your TRANServe Credit Card by dialing the Customer Service number on the back of the card . The Interactive Voice Response system will lead you through the automated process. (Hearing impaired may call 1-888-994-6722 or 711).

When calling to activate your TRANServe Card, be prepared to set your PIN by providing your 16-digit card number, agency assigned zip code, single purchase limit and agency assigned phone number. If your TRANServe Credit Card shipped directly to your residence use your residential zip code.

The single purchase limit is your monthly certified amount approved for your transit benefit, rounded to the next dollar. For example, your actual commuting expenses are $193.01.  The transit benefit approved by your agency is the $193.01.  The single purchase limit is $194.  This amount should not exceed the current statutory limit, which is $270.

If you do not know this information please contact your Agency Point of Contact.

Question:  What is a PIN and when do I use it?

Answer: A PIN is a four-digit number that you create for yourself when you activate your account.  Keep your PIN in a secure location and keep it private.  You will only need this PIN if your mass transit provider requires Chip and PIN to complete your purchase.

Register It

Click here to see U.S. Bank Access Online TRANServe Cardholder Registration Instructions 

Question: How do I register my TRANServe Credit Card?

Answer: Cardholders can register their TRANServe Credit Card through U.S. Bank Access Online ( You must have your organizational short-name (TRANSV) and account information readily available when you register. (Account number and Card expiration date). For more card registration details please reference the U.S. Bank Access Online Registration Quick Start Guide  .

Use It

Question:  When I should use my monthly benefit to purchase my ticket, pass or other fare media?

Answer:To ensure processing, please purchase your tickets, passes or other fare media by the 4th of each month to prevent a disruption in your following month's benefit. 

Question:  How can participants check their TRANServe Credit Card balance?

Answer: Here are four ways to keep track of your account balance

1. Mobile app1: download the U.S. Bank Access® Online Mobile app from the Apple App® or Google Play™ stores.

2. Alerts: Log into Access Online at, then go to My Personal Information

3. Online: Visit  (Only for Agencies who use TRANServe’s Electronic Application System.)

4. Phone: To hear your balance call 1-888-994-6722 or 711 for the hearing impaired.  You must have your TRANServe Credit Card number available prior to calling. If you do not have your card number please contact your agency assigned Point of Contact.

NOTE: Participants whose agency does not use TRANServe’s Electronic Application System can check their credit card balances by using option 4 only.


Question:  Can participants add their own funds or change the credit limit amounts on their TRANServe Credit Card by calling customer service?

Answer: No. If you require an adjustment to your credit limit, please contact your assigned agency Point of Contact and follow the procedures in updating your monthly benefit.

Question:  Can I use the TRANServe Credit Card for non-transit expenses?

Answer: No. It is fraudulent to use the transit benefit for any purpose other than your home to work to home mass transit commute. Federal Employees certify to this when they submit their transit benefit applications. At each swipe of the TRANServe Credit Card, each participant personally certifies that they are using the transit benefit appropriately.

The TRANServe Credit Card will only authorize transactions to vendors that are identified as Transit Authorities through their Merchant Category Code (MCC).

Question:  When does the Transit Benefit become available on the TRANServe Credit Card?

Answer: As soon as you activate it, the Transit Benefit amount authorized by your employing agency is assigned to your TRANServe Credit Card.  This “Credit limit amount” will refresh on the 10th day of each month so you can purchase the following month’s fare.  For instance, a credit limit set on your TRANServe Credit Card on July 10th is to purchase August tickets, passes or other fare.

Question:  Why does the TRANServe Credit Card have restrictions?

Answer: The TRANServe Credit Card is restricted to purchases against approved Transit Authority Merchant Category Codes (MCCs). Restricted MCCs are one control mechanism built into the TRANServe Credit Card to address regulatory compliance.  The restricted MCCs safeguard the transit benefit from fraud, waste, and abuse.  Attempts to use the TRANServe Credit Card in a retail network will be declined and are reportable back to your employing agency.

Question:  What if my TRANServe Credit Card is not accepted?

Answer: If you are attempting to use your TRANServe Credit Card at a valid Transit Authority and the card is not accepted, you should contact US Bank Customer Service at 1-888-994-6722 or 711 for the hearing impaired. If Customer Service cannot resolve your situation, please contact your Agency’s Transit Benefit Program Point of Contact.

Lost it

Question:  What do I do if my TRANServe Credit Card is lost, stolen or damaged?

Answer: Notify US Bank Customer Service to initiate the replacement process if a card is lost, stolen, or damaged.  The number is 1-888-994-6722 or 711 for the hearing impaired.

A replacement card will be issued and the balance of your unused available credit will transfer to the new TRANServe Credit Card.

Replace It

Question:  Why isn’t my full name on my TRANServe Credit Card?

Answer: The TRANServe Credit Card has a 21-character limit (including spaces).   If your full name exceeds the maximum character limit, it is truncated to fit the card using these methods to make it fit:

  1. Remove the middle initial
  2. Use the first character of the first name
  3. Truncate the last name

If your last name is exactly 21 characters, only your last name will appear on the card.

Question:  If my TRANServe Credit Card is inaccurate (i.e. wrong name, misspellings) how can I get this corrected?

Answer: Log in to TRANServe’s Electronic Application.

Select “My Account” to update your name, email address or phone number.

If your name is correct here, and your full name is greater than 21 characters, the bank truncated your name to fit it on the card.  If your full name is less than 21 characters, contact your Assigned Agency POC.

If your Agency does not use TRANServe’s Electronic Application yet, inform your Assigned Agency Point of Contact.  Ask them to contact their TRANServe Transit Benefit Manager to request correction. Once your POC confirms your transit benefit record is correct, you may request a card replacement by calling US Bank Customer Service at 1-888-994-6722 or 711 for the hearing impaired.

Question:  How long does it take to get a replacement card?

Answer: Once you have contacted Customer Service and ordered a replacement card, the TRANServe Credit Card generally arrives within five to seven calendar days. 

Question:  Will the replacement card have a new card number?   

Answer: Replacement cards will have a new card number only if it is lost, stolen or replaced due to fraud. Anyone who pays using an online profile must update it with his or her new card number and expiration date before making his or her next payment.

More Good Questions

Question: What is the difference between credit limit, available balance, and current balance? Which do I use to check for the available credit balance on my TRANServe Credit Card?

Answer: Credit Limit-The dollar value of the maximum spending limit associated with a cardholder ‘s account for the current monthly benefit cycle (10-9th).

            Available Credit- An authorization limit that is the dollar value of the remaining available credit associated with a cardholder’s account. Please reference this amount when checking for the available credit                       balance on your TRANServe Credit Card.

           Current Balance-The dollar value of the amount used by the cardholder during the current monthly benefit cycle (10th-9th).

Question:  Does the new TRANServe Credit Card have the same number as the Old TRANServe Debit Card?

Answer: No. Your New TRANServe Credit Card will have a different number than the TRANServe Debit Card. To prevent declined transactions, everyone who uses online or mail order payments must act to update the existing payment information with the NEW card number and the NEW expiration date as soon as you receive it.  This will help ensure upcoming transactions are successful.

Question:  When do TRANServe Credit Cards expire?

Answer: Check the date on your TRANServe Credit Card. It expires every four years on the last day of expiration month. Before that date, a new card will be sent according to your Agency’s establish practice

Question:  What if I don’t’ get a new TRANServe Card?

Answer: If your Agency has transitioned to the New TRANServe Card and you did not receive it, contact your Agency Program Office Point of Contact (POC) to verify active enrollment. If you failed to complete annual recertification, you may have been withdrawn from the program until you comply. If a New TRANServe Card was ordered, your POC will be able to advise you on next steps.

Question:  How long can I continue to use my old TRANServe Debit Card?

Answer: Follow instructions from your Agency Program Office POC. 

Do not attempt to use your Metabank Debit Card after your agency adopts the new US Bank branded TRANServe Credit Card.  At that point the card is obsolete and will not be funded again.  

Once the new TRANServe Credit Card arrives and is activated, the obsolete card should be destroyed.

Question: The shipping address on my account is incorrect, can I contact Customer Service and request for them to update my account?

Answer: No.  All cards are required to be shipped to the address location on the participants account. If you require an address update, please contact your assigned agency’s point of contact.

Question: My account status is listed as suspended or closed, can I request for Customer Service to reopen my account?

Answer: No. Please contact your assigned agency’s point of contact for details on your account status.

Updated: Tuesday, July 20, 2021
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