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Additional COVID-19 Guidance Outside National Capital Region

Federal Transit Subsidy During COVID-19 in the Regions

Agency transit benefit managers and participants have questions on the use of transit benefits during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health emergency.  In most agencies, the majority of employees are teleworking but there is still a segment of each agency’s workforce that is required to commute from their home to their work location to perform onsite essential duties.  This document provides information on how transit benefit participants located in regions across the country should manage their monthly transit benefit.

Transit Benefit recipients have a responsibility to manage their transit benefit. Under normal monthly commuting scenarios, participants adjust their transit benefit to best reflect their commuting situation. Sometimes it is most cost effective for employees to switch from a monthly to a weekly or daily pass. During this time when most employees are teleworking, transit benefit recipients should continue to take an active role in managing their transit benefit amount and purchase only what is needed.  

Participants are reminded that transit benefits are to be used exclusively for commutes from home to work and work to home. Participants who have renewable monthly orders with local transit authorities may need to temporarily alter or suspend such orders. Participants should contact their local transit authority for more information.

Regional Offices

  • No application updates by a current transit benefit participant are required at this time due to temporary changes in telework.  
  • New enrollments, record changes, or program withdrawals to transit benefit applications should be submitted and will continue to be processed within normal time frames.
  • Funds will be loaded to TRANServe Cards as normal and are available to those who continue to rely on them for their work commute. Participants are reminded that these funds are to be used for mass transit expenditures only. 
    • If you are commuting intermittently, participants should purchase daily or 10-trip tickets where available, rather than an unlimited monthly pass
    • Participants should disable autopay/reoccurring billing.
  • Vanpool participants should consult directly with their vanpool coordinator/ operator for guidance during this time.  Transit benefits should only be used when actively riding in vanpools for needed home to work and work to home commuting.  Participants should disable autopay/reoccurring billing and only pay for needed home to work and work to home commuting.
  • To remain up to date with your local transit authorities in the area regarding any additional impacts to mass transit service during this time, transit benefit participants should visit their transit authority’s website or social media page for updates. 

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Updated: Wednesday, April 15, 2020
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