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tech transfer

Technologies and Facilities Available for Use

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DOT Tech Transfer Research Facilities

DOT Tech Transfer Research FacilitiesDOT AgencyCenter Name & LocationFacility NameLab Manager Contact InformationLab Mission/PurposeAgency:Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology (OST-R)-VolpeCenter:The John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center55 BroadwayCambridge, MA...

Tech Transfer Legislation

The success of tech transfer relies on the inclusion and engagement of stakeholders throughout the entire federal research and development lifecycle. To ensure this takes place across the government, federal Tech Transfer duties and activities were formally mandated by:

How to Engage With Us

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DOT Research Facilities

The goal of technology transfer is the sharing among federal laboratories, private industry, and academia of not only technologies, but also of personnel, facilities, methods, expertise, and technical information in general, like those included in this list of DOT research facilities. Each...

Recent Examples of DOT Tech Transfer

An important part of technology transfer is the process of transferring and disseminating transportation related, scientific information to stakeholders who may apply it for public or private use. DOT uses vehicles such as the Lab to Market (L2M) initiative to facilitate the T2 process. L2M’s goal is to increase the economic impact of Federally-funded research and development by accelerating and improving the transfer of new technologies from federal laboratories to the commercial...

Tech Transfer Activities at DOT

DOT consists of multiple modal Operating Administrations (OAs), which carry out mission-related Research, Development and Technology (RD&T) programs. DOT’s current approach to technology transfer is diverse and unique to each mode of transportation.  Each modal OA conducts mission specific deployment activities tailored to its mode and type of research. 

DOT's Tech Transfer Annual Performance Report

Each year, the OST's Tech Transfer Program...

Forms of Technology Transfer

Technology transfer (T2) is the ultimate goal of all transportation research. It is the process by which existing or newly acquired knowledge, facilities, or capabilities developed under federal research and development (R&D) funding, are shared and moved toward the commercial marketplace to fulfill public and private needs. Simply put, tech transfer accelerates the successful adoption of innovations and increases the impact of every taxpayers dollar spent on federal R&D.DOT strives...