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DOT Energy and Sustainability Scorecard 2011

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President Obama made energy efficiency and sustainability a national priority by issuing Executive Order 13514 in October 2009, which directed the Federal government – the largest energy consumer in America – to lead by example.  In June 2012, DOT released its fiscal year 2011 scorecard on sustainability and energy performance.  This scorecard provides a valuable benchmark as DOT continues to improve performance and track the best opportunities to reduce energy and resource use and cut costs.

Under the leadership of Secretary LaHood, DOT has been working hard to meet the President’s mandate for sustainability.  DOT is implementing a 10-year Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) that sets aggressive and achievable energy and sustainability targets that will guide the Department’s operations and ensure that we make wise investments now and in the future.   DOT headquarters is leading the charge for a more sustainable department.  This newly designated LEED Gold facility is an ENERGY STAR® certified, high performance sustainable building, and 100% of its energy comes from renewable sources.

While DOT faces a number of challenges in meeting its targets, it is committed to success.  DOT has already made much progress:

  • Exceeding the FY2020 goal nine years in advance, DOT has reduced its overall scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 17.8 percent relative to a FY2008 baseline.
  • DOT has achieved a 26.4 percent reduction in building energy use (measured by intensity) from a FY2003 baseline.
  • Exceeding its annual goal, DOT has significantly increased its use of renewable energy (8.4 percent of total energy consumed).
  • DOT has reduced the petroleum consumption of its fleet by 5% since 2005.  By reducing the fleet size, purchasing hybrid vehicles and testing new technologies, DOT is moving in the right direction to reduce petroleum consumption by a total of 20% by 2015.
  • DOT implemented a Green Procurement Compliance System to promote the incorporation of green procurement clauses into all supply and service contracts.
  • DOT consolidated 11 data centers around the country and met its power management goals.
  • Nearly 100% of DOT purchased computers have the Energy Star designation.
  • DOT is also taking aggressive steps to upgrade its facilities to meet the high performance sustainable buildings requirements and utilize performance-based contracting to further reduce its energy and water footprint.

All levels of DOT are committed to this new, multi-faceted federal program – DOT legal, procurement, programmatic, and budget personnel are collaborating to reach our future goals. The Department will continue to build on its successes, both strategic and tactical, and move quickly to address areas that need improvement.

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