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DOT Climate Action Plan for Resilience

The DOT Climate Action Plan for Resilience establishes an updated Climate Action Plan that focuses on actions to bolster adaptation and increase resilience.  This Plan builds from the previous Climate Action Plans prepared in 2012 and 2014, respectfully.  The plan identifies 5 priority actions the Department will focus on:

  • Incorporate Resilience into DOT Grant and Loan Programs;
  • Enhance Resilience Throughout the Project Planning and Development Process;
  • Ensure Resiliency of DOT Facilities and Operational Assets;
  • Ensure Climate-ready Services and Supplies; and
  • Improve Climate Education and Research on Resilience.

The plan also has sections on agency actions to enhance resilience at DOT facilities and ensure climate-ready supply of products and services.  In addition, there is a section on climate change and equity, as well as a section on how DOT will integrate climate change resilience within the DOT’s Strategic Plan.