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Cancellation Information

Due to the cancellation of the SXSW festival, the U.S. Department of Transportation will not participate in any SXSW-related activities for 2020. We’re exploring other ways to share our programming, so please stay tuned for future updates!

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The New Urban Mobility Partnership

In the past year, many mobility providers and cities have announced partnerships to make it easier for the private sector to work with cities around the world and leverage data to improve urban mobility and safety. What do public-private partnerships like this mean for the future of transportation in cities and the federal government's role in enabling cities to exchange data that improves mobility, safety, and national interoperability?

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By Land, Air, and Sea: The Future of Freight

Automation has the potential to transform the Nation's freight transportation system. How can we ensure these technologies improve throughput and safety and meet the needs of communities?

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Accessible Transportation for All

Automation and other technologies could improve the mobility of travelers with disabilities. How can we ensure that research and investments focus on this challenge?

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Cybersecurity in the Age of Automation

It's all-hands-on-deck to ensure our nation's transportation system is secure and prepared for the future. Learn more about emerging efforts to improve the cybersecurity of our transportation system.

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Step Aside Cities: Innovations in Rural Mobility

What does the future of transportation look like in rural communities? What should the federal role be to ensure tech-driven innovations don't pass them by?

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Research & Data Sets

Get inspired by our research, find data sets, and help us close the gaps in transportation solutions across the country.

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