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We all have a transportation story. Ours started 50 years ago on October 15th when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill that created the United States Department of Transportation. During our 50th anniversary year, we’ve shared some of our transportation stories, but we want to hear your story too.

Transportation is more than roads, planes, and trains. It’s about where you’re going and where you’ve been. It connects us to the places we want to go, loved ones we want to see, opportunities we want to reach, and so much more. 

How has transportation helped you get where you are today?

What trips have defined who you are?

How do you get from Point A to B every day?

What obstacles make it hard to reach your destination?

What is your #TranspoStory?

Share your story in the form below and click SUBMIT. We’ll gather your stories and share them on this website and across our social media platforms. We may not be able to include all the stories we receive, but we are excited to hear them all!  

Thanks for sharing your #TranspoStory!

Note: USDOT will curate the stories that will be included and may edit text to fit within the context of the project.

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