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Extended Application Period; Tanker Security Program Application Solicitation

Notice of extended application period for the Tanker Security Program (TSP).
On December 9, 2022, the Maritime Administration (MARAD) published a notice in the Federal Register providing how to apply to MARAD's new Tanker Security Program (TSP). By this follow-on notice MARAD is extending the application period for eligible candidates to the TSP and republishing the same information soliciting applications. The FY21 NDAA authorized the Secretary of Transportation to establish a fleet of active, commercially viable, militarily useful, privately owned product tank vessels of the United States. The fleet will meet national defense and other security requirements and maintain a United States presence in international commercial shipping. The FY22 NDAA made minor adjustments related to the participation of long-term charters in the TSP. This notice provides, among other things, application criteria and extends the original application deadline for submitting applications for the enrollment of vessels in the TSP.


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