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Port Authority Trans-Hudson's Request To Operate Its Positive Train Control System With Procedural Mitigations

Notice of availability.
This document provides the public with notice that, on May 23, 2022, Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) submitted a request to temporarily operate its conditionally FRA-certified Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) positive train control (PTC) system with a procedural mitigation to address a recently discovered software error. As this request involves the failure of a conditionally certified PTC system to perform its intended function, FRA is publishing this notice to advise the public that: PATH has determined the cause of the failure to be a software error; PATH is in the process of repairing the error without undue delay, as FRA's regulations require; and PATH has proposed a procedural mitigation in the interim to ensure that the software error will not cause a further failure of PATH's PTC system. Based on FRA's review of all pertinent information, FRA has approved PATH to temporarily operate its conditionally certified PTC system with a procedural mitigation.


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