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Notice of Intent To Rule on Request To Change 19 Acres of Land From Aeronautical to Non-Aeronautical Use at Presque Isle International Airport in Presque Isle, Maine

Request for public comments.
Notice is being given that the FAA is considering a request from the City of Presque Isle to change 19 acres of land from Aeronautical Use to Non-Aeronautical Use for a Solar facility at Presque Isle International Airport, Presque Isle, Presque Isle, ME. A solar facility will be constructed on 19 acres of land at Presque Isle International Airport. The solar facility is being constructed on land not required for aviation use. The land has been designated for non- aeronautical use. The airport will have a land lease with the solar company that will generate a new non-aeronautical revenue source for the airport. The land lease proceeds will be deposited in the airport's operation and maintenance account.


Closed on 04/21/2022
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