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Public Notice of Surplus Property Release; Spokane International Airport, Spokane, Washington

Notice of request to release surplus property.
Notice is being given that the FAA is considering a request from the City of Spokane, Washington and the County of Spokane, Washington, to waive the surplus property requirements for approximately 2.9 acres of airport property located at Spokane International Airport, in Spokane, Washington. The subject property is located away from the aeronautical area and currently includes two existing city water reservoirs located in the southeast section of the business park. This release will allow the City and the County to sell a portion of 1 parcel of airport property to the City of Spokane and to construct an additional potable water reservoir. There will be proceeds generated from the proposed release of this property for capital improvements at the airport. The City and County will receive not less than fair market value for the property and the revenue generated from the sale will be used for airport purposes. It has been determined through study that the subject partial parcel will not be needed for aeronautical purposes.


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