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The Volpe Center is conducting preliminary qualitative research on the feasibility of using automated license plate readers (ALPRs) as countermeasures to improve traffic safety.  Within traffic safety, the emphasis will be on license offenses, including revoked, suspended, or restricted licenses. 

Using case studies of local law enforcement agencies, the research shall examine the full range of issues associated with the implementation and use of ALPRs for traffic safety purposes, including:

- Extent of ALPR use for traffic safety purposes (overall and relative to other purposes)
- Development, implementation, and maintenance of ALPR databases (e.g., "Hot Lists")
- Cost to deploy and maintain ALPRs (including training)
- Effectiveness of ALPRs
- Benefits/value/usefulness of deploying ALPRs for traffic safety purposes
- Challenges and problems encountered when utilizing ALPRs for traffic safety purposes
- Legal issues surrounding the use of ALPRs and how have they been addressed
- Law enforcement acceptance for traffic safety purposes
- Community acceptance for traffic safety purposes
- Privacy concerns
- Other issues or concerns

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Darren Shaffer
(617) 494-2332
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