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DOT’s Implementation of White House Executive Actions (EAs)

DOT’s Implementation of White House Executive Actions (EAs)

DOT is playing a central role in advancing the Biden-Harris Administration’s priorities by providing critical investments to address White House EAs.

DOT tracks, monitors, and responds to EAs that are in alignment with DOT’s mission and strategic goals. Through these activities, DOT supports the Administration in responding to ongoing and converging crises.

Learn About White House EAs

White House EAs include Executive Orders (EOs), proclamations, and other documents such as Presidential Memoranda. For more information on EAs, including those in alignment with DOT’s mission and strategic goals, visit:

Learn About How DOT is Advancing White House EAs

DOT developed a report summarizing key accomplishments achieved in EA implementation over the first 24 months of the Biden-Harris Administration. These key accomplishments are grouped into five areas that are among the Administration’s priority focus areas. These five areas are climate, COVID-19, economy, equity, and US government operations.

View the EA Accomplishments Report.

EA Accomplishments Report

Highlights of DOT’s 2020-2022 accomplishments in advancing EAs across the five areas include the following:

Climate-Focused Accomplishments

Climate-Focused Accomplishments

  • Released the DOT Climate Action Plan for Adaptation and Resilience.
  • Released the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Grand Challenge Roadmap in collaboration with other Federal agencies. This roadmap outlines actions that will spur technological innovation to produce SAF, reduce emissions, enable the United States to meet its domestic climate goals, and position the country as a global leader in the emerging SAF market.

COVID-19-Focused Accomplishments

COVID-19-Focused Accomplishments

  • Continued to update the COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan based on updates from the Federal Workforce Task Force and CDC guidelines.
  • Supported transit agency vaccination efforts by awarding grants from the American Rescue Plan to help cover expenses and encouraged transit leaders to provide services that make it possible for their workforces and other community members to get their shots.

Economy-Focused Accomplishments

Economy-Focused Accomplishments

  • Created and launched the Airline Customer Service Dashboard, which ensures that the traveling public has easy access to information about services that U.S. airlines provide to mitigate passenger inconveniences. Since the creation of this dashboard and increased efforts to improve customer service, nine airlines adopted policies guaranteeing meals and hotel, and nine now guarantee ground transportation to and from hotel in their customer service plans for certain flights.
  • Established a new data-sharing initiative designed to forecast containerized freight demand: Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW). FLOW has convened more than 100 supply chain stakeholders to share data to extend the visibility of supply chain choke points and better coordinate goods movements.

Equity-Focused AccomplishmentsEquity-Focused Accomplishments

  • Released the DOT Equity Action Plan, establishing a foundation for DOT’s path towards building a transportation system that works for all people.   
  • Released the DOT Navigator, a new one-stop shop for communities to access DOT technical assistance and capacity building resources and get more information to help them apply for DOT funding.


US Government Operations-Focused AccomplishmentsUS Government Operations-Focused Accomplishments

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