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Resource Directorate


The Resource Directorate serves as the focal point for management guidance while providing resource oversight for the Office of the Under Secretary, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs. The Directorate staff develops and executes resource policies, plans, and procedures to manage all aspects of the fiscal resource budget, program integration and human capitol development. 

The Resource Directorate coordinates with appropriate Directors and functional managers to ensure compliance with current government policies and regulations and to ensure the optimal use of all forms of resources.  The staff works directly with management officials in each office to analyze monetary commitments in order to maximize fiscal resources, while forecasting the impact of current and future financial expenditures. 

The staff directly advises top management on legislative testimony, regulatory rulemaking, correspondence policy and program integration on congressional issues, and grants and bills with national and international impact in the transportation arena.  The staff works with top management to recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce while advising management on defining organizational structure and skill competencies required to support office goals and while strategically forecasting current workforce trends to optimize current staff levels.

Functional Areas

Fiscal Resource Management

  • Strategic Financial Advice and Planning
  • Accounting
  • Budget Formulation
  • Budget Execution
  • Financial Systems
  • Procurement Actions
  • Travel
  • Performance Management

Human Capital Development

  • Formal Recruitment Process
  • Employee Relations
  • Workforce Planning and Development
  • Organizational Development and Review
  • Training
  • Performance Management Review
  • Security

Program Integration

  • Congressional Clearance Process
  • Departmental Correspondence Control
  • Records Management
  • Legislative and Regulatory Coordination Control
  • Information Technology
  • Space Management
  • Program Action Coordination