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Key Officials

Office Aviation and International Affairs

Office of Transportation Policy

Build America Bureau

Office of Research & Technology

Carol A. (Annie) Petsonk
Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs

Christopher Coes
Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy

Dr. Morteza Farajian
Executive Director, Build America Bureau

Currently Vacant
Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology

Currently Vacant
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs

Currently Vacant
Deputy Assistant Secretary

Duane Callender
Director, Build America Bureau, TIFIA

Robert Hampshire
Principal Deputy Asst. Sec for Research and Tech; Chief Science Officer

Currently Vacant
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs

Currently Vacant
Deputy Assistant Secretary

Roger Bohnert
Director, Build America Bureau, Office of Outreach

Ben Levine
Senior Advisor for the Office of Research and Technology

Cindy Baraban

Senior Advisor and Chief of Staff

Andrew Wishnia
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Climate Policy

Mariia Zimmerman
Strategic Advisor for Technical Assistance and Community Solutions

Anne Aylward
Director, Volpe Transportation Systems Center

Julie Abraham
Director, Office of International Transportation and Trade

Kelly Buckland
Disability Policy Advisor


Patricia Hu
Director, Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Benjamin Taylor
Director, Office of International Aviation

Brendan Danaher
Labor Policy Advisor


Dr. Firas Ibrahim
Director, Office of Research, Development, and Technology

Todd Homan
Director, Office of Aviation Analysis


Paige Shevlin
Strategic Advisor for Infrastructure Workforce Development


Harold “Stormy” Martin
Director, National Space-Based Position Navigation and Timing (PNT) Coordination Office

Peter Irvine
 Deputy Director, Office of Aviation Analysis, and Executive Lead for Aviation Policy

Emily Schweninger
Policy Advisor for Safety


Ken Leonard
Director, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office


Marilyn Shazor
Senior Policy Advisor for Transportation Policy


Troy Jackson, PhD.
Director, Transportation Safety Institute


Ricki Wells
Policy Advisor for Transportation Policy


Robert Heilman
Director, Highly Automated Systems Safety (HASS) Center of Excellence


Tatjana Kunz
Special Assistant for Policy



Karen Van Dyke
Director, Office of Position, Navigation and Time & Spectrum Management


Charlene Wang
Special Assistant for Policy


Tim Klein
Director, Office of Technology Policy and Outreach


John Augustine
Director, Office of Infrastructure Finance and Innovation




Juli Huynh
Director, Office of Policy Development, Strategic Planning and Performance




Darren Timothy
Director, Office of the Chief Economist




April Marchese

Deputy Director, Infrastructure Permitting Improvement Center