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Challenge Materials

On Thursday, March 12, 2015, jurisdictions from across the country gathered at the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) headquarters in Washington, DC at the Mayors' Challenge for Safer People, Safer Streets Summit, the start of a year long initiative to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety. Representatives from the jurisdictions collaborated with modal experts at USDOT, bicycle and pedestrian safety resource partners, and one another to discuss current non-motorized activites within their communities and share ideas on how to improve upon pedestrian and bicycle safety over the Challenge year and beyond.

Summit Materials

The Summit participants began to plan their Challenge year. The worksheets they used are available below for all Challenge cities. USDOT will not be collecting these documents but offers them for your use.


The self-assessment is meant as a tool for your local team to identify where you stand in each of the seven categories, and help you determine what the primary goals will be in your city for improving bicycling and walking safety over the next year.


The worksheets provide more information about each Challenge activity including key resources and key questions to help reach your goals. The worksheets provide an opportunity to discuss barriers and opportunities that potentially lie within each of the seven Challenge activities and lay the foundation for an implementation plan to address bicycling and walking safety.

Framework for Action

The Framework for Action is a worksheet to fill in to help you create your Action Plan for the challenge year. The Framework incorporates various phases of implementation by helping you identify including key resources needed, the potential for collaboration among partners and key stakeholder groups, and key target dates for completion of tasks/projects.

Updated: Friday, April 10, 2015
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