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Want to know how people and government can work together to create more connected communities? Read about DOT's community-driven, place-based projects in the LadderSTEP and Every Place Counts Design Challenge reports.
New DOT toolkit takes the mystery out the transportation decision-making process and highlights opportunities for public involvement.

America’s highways, railways, airports, ports and transit systems help drive our economy. There is a regrettable legacy of aligning and designing transportation projects that separated Americans along economic and even racial lines. At a time when our nation has so much infrastructure to repair and replace, we have a chance to do so in a much more inclusive way that will simultaneously expand economic opportunity and socioeconomic mobility throughout America. The choices we make about future transportation projects, the people they touch and places they connect, will play a role in determining how widely opportunity expands throughout America. Together, we can build a stronger and more connected nation, a healthier economy, and more vibrant communities.


Infrastructure investment creates jobs and paves the way for business, particularly small and disadvantaged business enterprises.


A multimodal transportation system provides Americans with safe, reliable, and affordable connections to employment, education, healthcare, and other essential services. 


Transportation infrastructure can lift up neighborhoods and regions by attracting new opportunities, jobs, and housing.

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