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DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.189

Subpart H - Split Specimen Tests

§ 40.189 Where is other information concerning split specimens found in this regulation?
You can find more information concerning split specimens in several sections of this part:
§40.65—Quantity of split specimen.
§40.67—Directly observed test when split specimen is unavailable.
§§40.7140.73—Collection process for split specimens.
§40.83—Laboratory accessioning of split specimens.
§40.99—Laboratory retention of split specimens.
§40.153—MRO notice to employees on tests of split specimen.
§§40.193 and 40.201—MRO actions on insufficient or unavailable split specimens.
Appendix D to Part 40—Report format for split specimen failure to reconfirm.
[as amended 82 FR 52245, November 13, 2017]
Updated: Monday, January 1, 2018
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