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DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.169

Subpart G - Medical Review Officers and the Verification Process

§ 40.169 Where is other information concerning the role of MROs and the verification process found in this regulation?
You can find more information concerning the role of MROs in several sections of this part:
§§40.4740.49—Correction of form and kit errors.
§40.67—Role in direct observation and other atypical test situations.
§40.83—Laboratory handling of fatal and correctable flaws.
§40.97—Laboratory handling of test results and quantitative values.
§40.99—Authorization of longer laboratory retention of specimens.
§40.101—Relationship with laboratories; avoidance of conflicts of interest.
§40.171—Request for test of split specimen.
§40.187—Action concerning split specimen test results.
§40.193—Role in “shy bladder” situations.
§40.195—Role in cancelling tests.
§§40.19940.203—Documenting errors in tests.
§40.327—Confidentiality and release of information.
§40.347—Transfer of records.
§40.353—Relationships with service agents.
[as amended 82 FR 52245, November 13, 2017]
Updated: Monday, January 1, 2018
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