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Veronica McBeth

Veronica P. McBethVeronica P. McBeth serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Prior to starting in the Office of the Assistant Secretary, she was appointed as the Senior Advisor of the Federal Transit Administration in June 2022. There, she reported directly to the Administrator and managed several FTA initiatives, such as transit-oriented development, climate and sustainability, equity and infrastructure.

McBeth has a background in public policy, public outreach, transportation, planning, environmental regulations, and funding. At the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, she was instrumental in establishing transformative transportation facilities, including shuttle services, transit, incentive programs and micromobility. 

McBeth combines her background in public policy, environmental law, planning, public administration, and community engagement to establish transportation systems with economic, social, and environmental benefits. She has worked on projects that facilitate equity and move beyond considering only benefits and burdens. As an expert in environmental policy and law, she connects environmental laws to policy issues associated with environmental justice, air quality, climate change, and sustainability as they relate to transportation. 

Throughout her career, McBeth has engaged varied audiences, including Title IV and environmental justice communities, in ways that encourage constructive dialogue and provide opportunities to have concerns heard and incorporated into projects. Through her leadership, ability to work with varied groups, knowledge of funding processes, and interactions with the public, stakeholders and elected officials, McBeth has directly contributed to implementing transformative, equitable transportation projects.