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US National Action Plan Progress Tracker

US National Action Plan Progress Tracker



Modernize Management of Government Records

You can see the most recent update on DOT’s progress in modernizing records management in our Open Government Plan (version 2.0). Public information on our program is available at

Continue to Improve Freedom of Information Act Administration

DOT’s public information site for FOIA is You can see the most recent update on DOT’s progress in FOIA administration in our 2013 Chief FOIA Officer Report. The report discusses DOT’s approach to the FOIAOnline module:

FOIA Online, a FOIA module jointly developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Office of Government Information Services within the National Archives and Records Administration, and the Department of Commerce was recently launched and should expand transparency and increase public access to information for the partner agencies. FOIA Online supports the public’s ability to submit FOIA requests, track the progress of requests, and search and access previously released FOIA responses in the system. FOIA Online may streamline and lower the costs of FOIA processing activities as well as provide an electronic records repository for released records, support the referral and transfer of FOIA requests and responsive documents, and facilitate other processing needs. The DOT recognizes the potential value and benefits of participating in a system such as FOIA Online. Therefore, DOT began closely watching the deployment of this end-to-end system as soon as it was launched. Between that time and December 31, 2013, we will watch the system’s performance and analyze and assess FOIA Online for possible use by DOT. We plan to make a decision on whether FOIA Online meets our requirements by December 31, 2013.

Support and Improve Agency Implementation of Open Government Plans

DOT launched a comprehensive progress evaluation for open government activities at

Enhance Enforcement of Regulations Through Further Disclosure of Compliance Information

The DOT report on Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance Data is available at

DOT has made progress to make more regulatory enforcement and compliance available online, linking its digital strategy efforts with these plans. We released the SaferBus API and the NHTSA vehicle safety  API includes information on recalls as well as civil penalties. The FRA has released an API for its Annual Enforcement Report.

Increase Transparency of Foreign Assistance

DOT is not yet reporting to the Foreign Assistance Dashboard.

Foster Communities on

DOT launched at the first Safety Datapalooza during National Transportation Week in May 2012. See this blog post.

The Safety Data Initiative held the second Safety Datapalooza in September 2012. The talks from this datapalooza are available on

Many of the partner agencies included in the Safety Data Initiative aligned their digital government strategies to increase the openness of their safety data, including DOT and DOJ.

DOT has already met its digital government milestones to release new APIs for railroad safety and vehicle safety data.

Update Government-wide Policies for Websites

Learn more about DOT’s approach to digital strategy at

Publish Data to Help Consumers and Scientists

The DOT Scientific Integrity Policy was published in April 2012.

DOT is currently developing its open access plan.

Updated: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
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